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Dean's Update, January 2011


From January 28 to January 30, SPSU was the host site for Georgia for the Global Game Jam 2011. As you may recall, during a game jam, participants have 48 hours to create a computer game. What sets the global game jam apart is the fact that similar events are taking place all over the world. SPSU participated in the previous two global game jam, but for this year SPSU the official Georgia site for the global game jam, and the event attracted students from across Georgia. In addition to students from SPSU, the jam also included students from the Art Institute of Atlanta, the Georgia Instiute of Technology, SCAD Atlanta, the University of Georgia, and others.

The event, which was sponsored by the Coca Cola Company, which was the presenting sponsor, Green Wave Technology (http:/, and the Georgia Game Developers Association, attracted 126 registered students, making SPSU the 8th largest site in the world and the 2nd largest in the US. From all accounts and from direct observation I can report that the event was a great success.

My thanks go out to our sponsors, especially Sharon Perry who not only sponsored the event directly through her company Green Wave Technology but also worked with Hooters to secure food for the participants, our advancement office who helped secure sponsorships, Life University who provided massages to tired participants, Paula Stadnicki, the Dean's Administrative Assistant, and her student assistants, Josh, Sruthi, and Zoreen, President Rossbacher for officially opening our Game Jam, and of course to the local organizers Dr Jeff Chastine and Dr Jon Preston, who did a sterling job in bringing it all together.

Details about the Global Gam Jam can be found at Drs Chastine and Preston are putting a video together for the SPSU site and will post this on YouTube. I will include the link in next month's Dean's update.


In previous dean's updates, I reported on our effort to start an accelerated training program in Health Information Technology. I am pleased to report that we started an initial pilot on January 24 with a total of 15 students, about half of whom are taking the course fully online. Despite some technical glitches, at least some of which were caused by delays that we incurred because of the 4 snow days earlier in the month, the program has started very well. We are using the pilot to identify issues with the course itself and with its delivery, and we are planning to start offering the program on a non-pilot basis in the very near future.


As before, CSE faculty and students continue to be very active in research. Here is a partial list of their publications over the last few months:

  • Lunt, B., J. Ekstrom, H. Reichgelt, M. Bailey, R. Leblanc "IT 2008: The History of a New Computing Discipline". Communications of the ACM, 2010, Vol. 53, No. 12, 133-141
  • Mansingh, G., K.-M. Osei-Bryson, H. Reichgelt "Using Ontologies to Facilitate Post-Processing of Association Rules by Domain Experts", Information Sciences, 2011, Vol 181, No. 3, 419-434
  • North, S., J. Wang "Immersive Visualization Techniques In Enhancing And Speeding Pedagogical Processes Of Computing Concepts", Journal of Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges South Central (CCSC:SC) Region, Accepted, 2010.
  • Tsui, F. "Process Definition and Communication", Encyclopedia of Software Engineering, editor P. Laplante, CRC Press, November 2010.


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Han Reichgelt
Dean, School of Computing and Software Engineering