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Dean's Update, August 2010


On July 31, SPSU held its summer commencement, which, again, was the largest in the institution's history. A total of around 225 students graduated with around 40 graduating from the School of Computing and Software Engineering. CSE graduated around 167 students during the past academic year with 109 students earning an undergraduate degree and 58 earning a master's degree. This constitutes around 21% of the students graduating from SPSU and is an increase over the total (and percentage) over the previous academic year. Given that increasing the number of CSE graduates is the primary goal in our strategic plan, this is good news.


Even more good news with regard to our primary strategic goal concerns the enrollments in the fall. CSE has seen a significant enrollment and we now have almost 1,100 degree seeking students, up from 938 last fall. Moreover, our enrollment now makes up just over 18% of undergraduate enrollment, almost 37% of graduate enrollment, and just over 20% of the total enrollment at SPSU. On a more disappointing note, while female enrollment has gone up as a percentage of total enrollment at SPSU, CSE has seen a drop: Fewer than 17% of our students are female. Clearly, this is an undesirable situation and I hope that through a number of initiatives that members of CSE are involved in, we can rectify this issue.


As you know, SPSU is not primarily known as a sports school. It is therefore with great pride that I report the news that Srikaran Kandadai, a 2005 graduate from our MSCS program, recently represented India at the International Racquetball Federation's World Championship at Seoul. More information about Sri can be found here. Congratulations to Sri.


Congratulations are also due to Drs Lo and Quan for two publications, namely:

  • Chia-Tien Dan Lo and Kai Qian, "Green Computing Methodology for Next Generation Computing Scientists," Proceedings of the 34rd Annual IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), Seoul, South Korea, July 2010.
  • Chia-Tien Dan Lo, Kai Qian, and Li Yang, "Innovative CS Capstone Project for Green Energy with WSN in a Box," Proceedings of Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE'10), Ankara , Turkey, June 28th-30th, 2010.


SPSU will again host the Georgia Fall Game Jam on September 10-12. The game jam is 48 hours event in which students both from SPSU and from other universities develop a computer game. This will be the fourth jam at SPSU. The event will be sponsored by Chick-fil-A, NVIDIA, and 3DVIA. Students participating will be eligible for door prizes as well as "best game" prizes including a FERMI board from NVIDIA and a $2000 cash prize from 3DVIA. More details are available here.


Dr Patrick Bobbie of the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering spent the better part of his summer in Ghana where he conducted a project to use robotics to get middle and high school children interested in computing. Working with students from the Regent University College of Science and Technology in Accra, Bobbie introduced some 23 middle and high school students, as well as 8 of their teachers to various aspects of robotics. The project attracted considerable media attention in Ghana and there are already follow-up activities taking place in Ghana. Further information can be found here.


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Han Reichgelt
Dean, School of Computing and Software Engineering