Welcomes the Girl Scouts for

Earth Day 2011

Environmental Games

We've found a bunch of games that will help you learn about the environment and have some fun at the same time.

Michael, Michael, Go Recycle!
Help Michael recycle! Pick up all the litter in the park and stop all the litterbugs before time runs out!

Difficulty: Easy / Medium


Clean Up Your WorldEarth Day

Clean Up Your World with this fun drag-and-drop game. It makes a great introduction to recycling, the earth sciences and the environment for kids.

Easy, 1-2 min.

Free the Beach Free the Beach

Free the Beach and save the environment by dragging the litter to its proper recycling bin. This science game is a great way to introduce kids to the concept of recycling.

Easy, 1-2 min.

Fish Sustainability Game

See if you can make money without fishing out the supply.

Easy, 1-2 min.

Beach Kids Games
3 different games on this site.

Arcade- Typical arcade shooter game. Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Matching: Easy

Storybook: A lot of reading, very few choices. Easy.


Detective Training Activities
We need your detective skills to help us protect the earth! Solve these mysteries and you'll learn how you can take care of the environment too!

--3 different games.

Word Search: Hard.

Raw Material Lineup: Easy, 1-2 min.

PI in the Sky: Hangman, basically. Medium to Hard, depending on the word. Each game takes 3-4 minutes to complete.

Various Games


More online and printable games

And More!

WaterSense kids page
Thirsty for knowledge about water?

Pacman style game with questions

Difficulty: Medium

Energy Quest
Learn more about energy and avoid being an energy vampire!

3 different games, one with 3 versions.

A crossword puzzle and a word search: Medium

The Watt’s That game is a Jeopardy style game about electricity. Medium-hard, 10 min playtime. (Younger children can use the Jr Mode)

Sewage in your face
Get to the bottom of sewage in an interactive and fun way.

5 games - manhole matching, plumber for a day, word search, crossword puzzle, messy memory



Eekoworld - various games and activities